Thermal Interface Materials


B&C is located China , and is recognized as one of the leading providers of customized TIM andEMI/EMC solutions. The key components of our company success are our focus on strong long termpartnerships with customers worldwide as well as the long standing expertise and dedication of ourinter-nationals employees. They all form a strong teamwork with individual responsibilities. Ourtechnical know-how combined with a permanent desire for innovation is all benefit for our customers.

In order to remain at the leading and driving edge of technology we maintain a permanent dialogue with customersR&D departments as well as with technological institutes. This enables us to stayone step ahead, giving our customers a high level, both of trust and satisfaction, making us a reliableand competent partner.

Our range of products covers the full scope of Thermal Management Products and EMI ShieldingProducts,   focusing on Advanced materials including Thermal pad, PCM thermal pad, GTS AdvancedComposite Graphite film, Thermal gap filler, Thermal Tape,   Absorber, Conductive Tape, ConductiveRubber, Conductive Fabric, Conductive Gasket, Finger strip, Acoustic shield Foam, Thin Heat sinks, etc. We permanently analyzed our customersneeds and develop in partner ship with them completeintegrated heat management solutions. Tailor made products are then produced in our own premises.We keep a stock of most of our articles so that we can meet our customers’ needs in a short time.

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